WebStore Installation Guide


The "AUTO DETECT PRICES" option must be selected in Step 1 (selected by default).

Step 3. Pasting the Installation String into your website.

Under 'Step 2. - Installation String', on the Dynamic Converter Settings page in the text box, you will see the Installation String for yoursite. That Installation String now needs to be added to your web site pages.

Login to the administration control for your website.

  1. Click on 'Store Design'
  2. Click on 'Template Management' from the navigation bar
  3. Select the 'Home' template if not done already.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the edit window and click on the last 'Add Site Widget'
  5. Choose Widget: HTML
  6. Choose Editor: Custom Script
  7. Paste the Installation String into the textbox.
  8. Click 'Save'
  9. Click 'Store Home'
  10. Publish Site.

Installation Complete.