AWBS Installation Guide


Advanced Webhost Billing System recommends these account settings in your Dynamic Converter Console:
Same currency display = blank
Befure currency display =  (
After currency display = )
Include Before & After with Same currency display = Off
Commify amount = On
Show decimals = On
Don't link prices = On
Print base amount = On
Base currency symbol = blank
Base thousand character = ,
Base decimal character = .
Base currency display format = $100.00
Converted currency display format = $100.00
Before currency display in a dropdown menu = (
After currency display in a dropdown menu = )
Replace detected dropdown prices with selected format = On
Currency selection title = Select Currency
Currency selection help text = Select which currency to convert to
Auto detect prices = On
Do you use the tax rules? Yes
Do you use the currency selection dropdown placeholder? Yes
Do you convert prices in dropdown options? No
Do you use any override account options? Yes
Can your visitors change their currency by using the currency selection box? No

Step 3. Pasting the Installation String into your website.

Under 'Step 2. - Installation String', on the Dynamic Converter Settings page in the text box, you will see the Installation String for yoursite. That Installation String now needs to be added to your web site pages.

Login to the AWBS Configuration area.

  1. Go to the Module Setup page.
  2. Enable the Dynamic Converter module.
  3. Go to the System Options page.
  4. Paste the installation string in the Dynamic Converter Personal URL field.
  5. Update - New AWBS module will now only ask for your account ID which can be found just above the SAVE button in your Dynamic Converter Console.

Installation Complete.

Please Check the AWBS wiki for updated configuration changes if any.