creLoaded Installation Guide


Download the Dynamic Converter Contribution files here
The "AUTO DETECT PRICES" option must be selected in Step 1 (selected by default).

Step 3. Backup.

Please backup the following files, just incase something goes wrong with the installation, you can revert back to your original copies.

  • catalog/templates/TEMPLATENAME/footer.php

Step 4. Copy File

This step will copy the infobox file (named dynamicconverter.php) that will allow your visitors to select their currency. Copy the dynamicconverter.php file to the following directory:
  • /catalog/templates/TEMPLATENAME/boxes/

Step 5. Pasting the Installation String into your website.

Under 'Step 2. - Installation String', on the Dynamic Converter Settings page in the text box, you will see the Installation String for your site. That Installation String now needs to be added to your web site pages.

  • /catalog/templates/TEMPLATENAME/footer.php
    • At the end of this file paste in the Installation String from Step 1.

  • In the admin area under infobox Admin, for every active template you will need to install the dynamicconverter.php infobox. To do this:
    • Design Controls -> Infobox Admin
    • Click on install.
    • Select Filename to be dynamicconverter.php
    • Type in the heading you want for the infobox into "The infoBox heading". We suggest "Choose your currency"
    • Set the "Define key" to BOX_HEADING_DYNAMICCONVERTER
    • Click on Install
  • Since you now have the Dynamic Converter currency infobox, you can deactivate the default currencies infobox.

Installation Complete.