osCommerce Installation Guide

  • Important

    Download the Dynamic Converter Contribution files here
    The "AUTO DETECT PRICES" option must be selected in Step 1 (selected by default).

  • Step 3 - Manual Installation (as an Add-On)

    After extracting the Add-On package, copy the files located in the catalog directory to your osCommerce installation directory on the server. The files must be copied in the correct directory structure as extracted from the Add-On package.
    The file listing is as follows:
    • includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/dynamic_converter.php
    • includes/modules/boxes/templates/dynamic_converter.php
    • includes/modules/boxes/dynamic_converter.php

    The standard language definitions in English are provided in the Add-On package. For additional languages, copy the English language definition file to the appropriate language directory and open the file with a text editor to edit the language definitions.
    The location of the language definition file must be in:
    • includes/languages/LANGUAGE/modules/boxes/dynamic_converter.php

    When the files have been copied to their appropriate locations, the module will be available on the
    Administration Tool -> Modules -> Boxes -> Install Module page where it can be installed,
    or on the Administration Tool -> Modules -> Boxes page if the module was already previously installed.


    Now you may need to change the width of the select box with some css.
                  select[name=dc_selected_currency] {
                    width: 99%;
  • Step 4 - Configuration

    Visit the module configuration page to select where your Dynamic Converter box will be located and to enter your account number.

    Since you now have the Dynamic Converter currency infobox, you can deactivate the default currencies infobox.

Installation Complete.