If you wish you can use some more advanced Dynamic Converter functions.

Dynamic Converter has other functions which you can take advantage of with these placeholders. These functions are for advanced and customised use of the Dynamic Converter Service.

Placeholder Result
<span class="currency_select"></span>
<span class="selected_currency_3"></span>
<span class="selected_currency_2"></span>
<span class="selected_currency_name"></span>
<span class="selected_currency_symbol"></span>
<span class="selected_country_name"></span>
<span class="base_currency_3"></span>
<span class="base_currency_2"></span>
<span class="base_currency_name"></span>
<span class="base_currency_symbol"></span>
<span class="base_country_name"></span>
<span class="select_currency_link">Text for link</span>
Click here to change currency.
<span class="dc_box"></span>


Please Note: Using CSS you can change the size of the currency_select dropdown. You will need to experiment with the font size and font family used on your site in both IE and FireFox. Just place this in your stylesheet.
#currency_select select { width: 150px; font:0.6em Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}

Prices Convert wrapper

  1. If you need to Override a conversion
  2. If have de-selected the Auto detect prices setting for the page or account

If one of those 2 situations does apply for your site then - Where ever you have a price on your page that you want converted to the visitors home currency, add the Dynamic Converter convert wrapper.

Convert wrapper example:

<span id="convert" amount="1.20">$1ยท20</span>
Please note the new amount attribute of the span. This is required to inform our script what the base price is. You also include this in the span just incase the service is interrupted.