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Dynamic Converter Packages

You can choose from three levels of Dynamic Converter.

The features and pricing for each level are shown below. Look through the features and simply choose the level that best suits your needs.

The three levels are called Pro, Gold and Enterprise. The Pro level is free.

You can upgrade from the Free Pro level to the Gold level at any time.

Free ProGoldEnterprise
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per month
per month
Dynamic Converter buttonMust be shownOptionalOptional
Newsletter subscriptionRequiredOptionalOptional
Tax calculationsNoYesYes
Automatic currency detectionNoNoYes
Local JS fileNoNoYes
Currency pop-up brandingNoNoYes

Dynamic converter button: The button at the bottom of every page that uses Dynamic Converter that reads "Free currency conversion by Dynamic Converter". This will automatically be displayed at the bottom of each page that uses Dynamic Converter. On the Gold level this button may be switched off if you do not wish to have it displayed on your pages.

Newsletter subscription required: On the Free Pro level you are required to accept a monthly Dynamic Converter newsletter. On the Gold level you have the option of un-subscribing from this monthly newsletter.

Automatic currency detection: When a visitor first visits your site, Dynamic Converter will detect the country that the visitor is from and automatically set their currency for them. This saves the visitor having to select their currency - ie. it's zero click currency conversion.

Local JS file: This will allow you to have the JavaScript file that runs Dynamic Converter hosted on your own website (server).

Currency pop-up branding: This allows you to customise exactly how you would like the Select Currency box to appear. You can change the text and colors of the Select Currency box so that it has the same look and feel as your site.

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