Dynamic Converter Pro for Wix with e c w i d is free!

Dynamic Converter Pro is free and can be used on any website. More info... Easy installation instructions for Wix with e c w i d are included.

Dynamic Converter Gold for Wix with e c w i d

Dynamic Converter Gold has the ability to apply calculations (remove tax) to your prices before conversions and allows you to switch off the dynamic converter button that appears on the bottom of pages on the Pro level. More info...

Dynamic Converter Enterprise for Wix with e c w i d

Dynamic Converter Enterprise features automatic currency detection, server side calls and white labeling. More info...

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Wix with e c w i d

Dynamic converter supports Wix with e c w i d shopping carts!


"If you are looking for a seamless white label solution to currency conversion for your site, we would gladly recommend Dynamic Converter Gold.

We started using Dynamic Converter during its beta stage and its worked without fault since we implemented it. You'll be hard pressed to find an easier and more customised solution anywhere else.

We don't have a shopping cart system, and you don't need one. With a small amount of work, you can invisibly (with the Gold package) integrate this into any site, improve sales and help your customers at the same time.

Well worth it! Have a look at our site and see how we implemented it..oh...and why not book a tour to New Zealand while you are there!!"
- Campbell Harris Relaxing Journeys

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Wix with e c w i d multi-currency display

Dynamic Converter multi-currency display for Wix with e c w i d allows you to show your prices in multiple currencies.

Dynamic Converter is an inline dual display currency conversion service for Wix with e c w i d.

What does that mean?... Dynamic Converter will display your web site product prices in your visitor's currency and your business currency simultaneously.

Dynamic Converter can be used on any web site and works with Wix with e c w i d.

It's so easy to install - You simply add 1 line of code in Wix with e c w i d, that's it!

  • Boost your international sales by talking to your customers in their currency.
  • Transform your web site from domestic to international.
  • Stop losing sales by sending your customers away to convert your product prices.
  • Reduce customer frustration
  • Specific installation instructions for Wix with e c w i d

Best of all, Dynamic Converter Pro is FREE!

Please go to my wix demo store to see DC integrated into the 'Online Store'

Due to Wix being very strict on adding Javascript apps to their customers base html, DC has be to executed within the same iframe as the store content. This can be done with wix and DC installed into the same HTML widget or use the Ecwind Application Widget and their advanced settings

Dynamic Converter on Wix ecwind app demo
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