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"Dynamic Converter is great! My site is heavily reliant on international business and accurate dynamic currency conversion was a must. Dynamic Converter could hardly be simpler to install and customise to ones needs.

I needed some assistance to get it looking the way I wanted and the level of support I received could not be bettered, especially as I am just using the free version. If demand requires it, I will be happy to pay the very reasonable subscription fees." - Mark Surrey Minerals

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ProStores multi-currency display

Dynamic Converter is now a ProStores compatible application!

Dynamic Converter allows ProStores merchants to display their product prices in multiple currencies. That means that as a ProStores merchant you can display your product prices in two currencies at the same time, the visitor's currency and your base currency. The visitor's currency can be located next to, or underneath, your base price. See ProStores examples below...

It's so easy to install - You simply add 1 line of code to your ProStores footer and that's it!

  • Boost your international sales by talking to your customers in their currency.
  • Transform your web site from domestic to international.
  • Stop losing sales by sending your customers away to convert your product prices.
  • Reduce customer frustration
  • Easy installation instructions for ProStores merchants

Best of all, ProStores merchants can use Dynamic Converter Pro for FREE!

To get started, create your free Dynamic Converter account now and within just 30 minutes you could have your ProStores site displaying prices in your visitors currency!

What is Dynamic Converter? ... Dynamic Converter is an inline dual display currency conversion service for web sites.

What does that mean? ... Dynamic Converter will display your web site product prices in your visitorís currency and your business currency simultaneously.

Example ProStores pages using Dynamic Converter

Try clicking on a price to change your currency. The format of displayed prices can easily be changed. For further examples and implementation ideas, see our examples section.

Gold Rings
Ladies 9ct Promise celtic ring Ladies 9ct Promise celtic ring
The ladies Promise celtic ring pictured is made in 9ct yellow gold and measures 8mm wide at the top and tapering to 4mm wide at the bottom.
PRICE: $192.50

Official Lord of the Rings ring Official Lord of the Rings ring
This Official Lord of the Rings ring features the message engraved in the Elvish language, an ancient language of Middle-earth.
PRICE: $125.50

Official Lord of the Rings ring

Official Lord of the Rings ring

This Official Lord of the Rings ring is made pursuant to a licence from the Lord of the Rings movie company New Line Cinema to the maker of this ring.

This extraordinary 'One Ring' is cast in solid 9ct yellow gold and measures 6mm wide.

The ring features the message below engraved in the Elvish language, an ancient language of Middle-earth.

This ring is also available in 9ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold or 18ct white gold. To choose one of these other metals, use the 'available options' selection below. The additional price for these other metals is displayed in the 'available options'.

'One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them'

The inscription appears outside and also on the inside of the ring.

It also comes with a Collectors Card and is presented in a handsome pouch.

This ring makes a fantastic gift that will be truly treasured.

Metal Type: 9ct yellow gold
Item Weight: 6.10 g

Price: $125.50


Metal type


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