Dynamic Converter Pro for ezimerchant is free!

Dynamic Converter Pro is free and can be used on any website. More info... Easy installation instructions for ezimerchant are included.

Dynamic Converter Gold for ezimerchant

Dynamic Converter Gold has the ability to apply calculations (remove tax) to your prices before conversions and allows you to switch off the dynamic converter button that appears on the bottom of pages on the Pro level. More info...

Dynamic Converter Enterprise for ezimerchant

Dynamic Converter Enterprise features automatic currency detection, server side calls and white labeling. More info...

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Dynamic converter supports ezimerchant shopping carts!


"I think Dynamic Converter is fantastic. We are a Canadian company and most of our online traffic comes from our neighbours to the south, the US.

Showing our Canadian price list in US dollars had been a problem up until now because of the fluctuating exchange rate.

It took a few minutes to install Dynamic Converter and the problem was solved. Thanks"
- From the people at Retail Tag Mfg Corp.

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EziMerchant Pro multi-currency display

Dynamic Converter multi-currency display for EziMerchant allows you to show your prices in your visitors own currency under your sites base price.

Dynamic Converter is an inline dual display currency conversion service for web sites.

What does that mean?... Dynamic Converter will display your web site product prices in your visitorís currency and your business currency simultaneously.

Dynamic Converter can be used on any web site and works with all shopping carts. More info...

It's so easy to install - You simply add 1 line of code in your EziMerchant settings and that's it!

  • Boost your international sales by talking to your customers in their currency.
  • Transform your web site from domestic to international.
  • Stop losing sales by sending your customers away to convert your product prices.
  • Reduce customer frustration
  • Specific installation instructions for EziMerchant Pro

Best of all, Dynamic Converter Pro is FREE!

Example EziMerchant page with Dynamic Converter

To change your currency, simply click on the price.

This example has been setup so that it will only display the converted prices if the International Prices tab is selected.

You can easily configure your Dynamic Converter account so that converted prices are displayed on both the Domestic and International tabs or only the International tab.

If you don't use the domestic/international tabs on your site - not a problem! Dynamic Converter will work on your site as well!

Product Code Product Name Price
 AF-7489  Serenity
 AC-7438  Sunburst
 AF-4389  White Goddess
 AC-4783  Sweet and Simple
 AF-5890  Perfection
 AC-4490  Rare Beauty
Sunburst Sunburst
Bright and enthusiastic.

With petals

ezimerchant sites using Dynamic Converter

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